Choose Your Poison a Sammy Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson and Cam Dallas Imagine (DIRTY)
"could u do a very dirty imagine with the boys but first they’re fighting for u and who will fuck u ect..? (cam, gilinsky, sammy & jack)" - Anonymous 
*Ding* I heard my phone go off next to me which pulled my away from doing my makeup…Sammy
' Come chill with us' He sent with an attached selfie of him with the Jacks 
' Be over in 5' I replied back sticking my phone in my back pocket so I could make the finishing touches on my makeup 
I slipped on my black flip flops which complimented my light-wash jeans and Aztec tank top. I grabbed my room key for the hotel and made my way to the Jacks room. I was accompanying the Jacks, Sammy, Nash, Cam, Carter and Matt on tour for a few dates.
" Hey y/n" Matt said opening the door and pulling me into a hug 
" Hi Matt" I said walking more into the room which held all the guys 
" Glad you came babe" Sammy said pulling me into his side
" Hey guys" I said to the rest of them while still being held by Sammy
It was answered by a mixtures of hey y/n and hi’s by the rest of the guys
"So what did you need me for?" I asked 
" Why we can’t just hang out with you?" Cam asked as I just laughed 
" Sorry I guess I just jumped to conclusions" I said as Sammy sat down pulling me on his lap
" Me, Matt and Carter have to go for our final sound check wanna come y/n?" Nash asked gathering his things
" Um-"
" No she doesn’t, go have fun and don’t rush back" Cam said receiving a weird face from Nash as he quickly pushed Matt and Carter out the door trying to avoid more awkwardness 
" What the hell was that about Cam?" I asked making my way to him till I was standing right in front of him 
" Lay on the bed now" He commanded me, I looked at him confused until he just got impatient and lifted me tossing my lightly on the open queen bed opposite of where Sammy was once sitting
I laid there on the bed for a second still so confused, then Sammy, Gilinsky, Johnson and Cam surround the bottom edge of the mattress all their eyes glued onto me
" I call first" Gilinsky shouted causing the rest of the guys eyes to shoot up to his
" Nah bro we talked about this" Cam said 
"Cam’s right that’s not fair" Johnson said 
" Oh please we all know she is horny af for Sammy" Gilinsky said 
" Wait guys please tell me what’s going on?" I whined
" Shh princess let us get this situated" Sammy said placing his large hand lightly over my mouth for a few seconds, to be honest I have always had a thing for Sammy but it never really went anywhere…But if I think I know where this is going I would fuck any of them just to see what it’s like…
" y/n, what’s going on is we were talking before more like fighting over who could fuck you better…" Cam said dominantly 
" Wait so you all want to fuck me?" I asked a little stunned 
" No we all would like to fuck you” Johnson said smiling causing me to blush and laugh a little
" Well are we doing this or not?" I said smirking at them 
After letting those word slip out of my mouth Gilinsky wasted no time his lips slammed into mine and started passionately kissing my lips. Our lips moved with each other in perfect time. I felt a pair of hands grab my tank top pulling it over my head breaking our kiss for a few seconds. After Johnson pulled off my top he unclipped my bra letting it fall into my lap. I pulled away from Gilinsky covering my self up like any other girl would because I was in front of 4 of the hottest guys I had ever met. 
" God you’re gorgeous don’t cover your self up babe" Cam said pulling my arms from in front of my chest and placing light, delicate kisses all the way up my arm until he got to my breasts looking up at me for approval to which I gave a small nod. Johnson took Gilinsky’s place by my head lifting my chin with his fingers to meet his. Before I could comprehend all that was happening I felt a hand rip off my jeans and panties in one swift move. I broke our kiss for a half second to see Gilinsky looking straight at me as he pushed two fingers into me, making me moan quietly. I realized Johnson was no longer near me but was waiting with Sammy who was just staring me down as I bit my lip knowing that was one of his turn on’s. Gilinsky continued to pleasure me, making me a moaning mess by the time I was reaching my high.
" J-J-Jack I g-gonna c-come" I managed to moan out
" Go head, scream" He said just as the moaning of his name spilled out of my mouth followed by my release all over his fingers as he pulled them out of me licking up every last bit 
" God that was so fucking hot y/n" Gilinsky said standing up and beginning to pull his pants and boxers off. Cam made his way to my lips kissing me passionately on the lips before joining the guys who were all standing over me stroking their packages.
" Choose your poison" Sammy said staring me down
" Cam, Johnson, Gilinsky and then Sammy" I said confidently 
" Thought about this before huh?" Cam chuckled walking towards me
" I guess we will see if it lives up to my expectation" I said smirking at him as he took his position at the end of the bed sexily crawling towards where my naked body laid. He propped himself on his elbows hovering over me placing sweet kisses down my neck. He looked straight into my eyes as he slowly began to push his length into me, I adjusted to his size fairly quickly as he began to pick up his pace.
"Ugh god y/n you’re so fucking tight" Cam said moaning my name into my ear again and again
" Cam I-I’m almost there" I said half panting, he suddenly pulled out of me leaving my vulnerable and needy of contact. Within seconds the empty space between my legs was occupied by Johnson who wasted no time by drawing me into his lips, as he forcefully pushed himself into me causing me to moan into our kiss making him needy of more passion. Cam walked towards me as I reached my arm out subconsciously for his package whilst still kissing Johnson. I began to stroke Cam’s dick causing him to let out a small moan in pleasure of my touch. I moaned loudly as Johnson took a full thrust at me before pulling out of me, Cam began slipping on his clothing walking towards me pulling me in for one last passionate kiss then leaving. Johnson then followed his lead leaving me with Sammy and Gilinsky.
" This is about to get a hell lot rougher" Gilinsky said in a raspy voice flipping me over so he got a nice view of my ass. He slapped my ass a few times causing me to slightly whimper making him hard. Sammy placed his length into my mouth as I pulled it out to lick the tip before putting it back into my mouth. One long tongue stroke up me before Gilinsky, without warning, thrust into me full power causing me to moan on Sammy’s dick as he twitched in my mouth and moaned seconds after me. 
"Ugh y-yeah babe r-right there" I moaned continuing to stoke Sammy
" Fuck y/n you feel so good" Jack said loudly making a few last thrusts and flipping me back over to my back and coming on my stomach. God see how I can please Jack was so fucking hot it made my core began to drip. He grabbed a warm towel and washed it off me grabbing my face and pulling me to his awaiting lips for a forceful kiss as he grabbed his clothes walking out the door. 
" Ready princess?" Sammy asked licking his bottom lip
" Best for last right, Daddy?” I said biting my bottom lip
" God you know how fucking hot that was" Sammy moaned 
" Show me" I said as he began by kissing my chin followed by the middle of my chest then sweet kisses down my stomach stopping at my dripping core. He crawled himself back up towards my face placing both his hands around my cheeks and kissing me like I have never been kissed before…there was something in that kiss. It wasn’t until moments later we broke apart as Sammy slowly thrust into me causing me to slightly moan grabbing a tight hold around his upper arms. Sammy’s approach was different, I looked into his eyes as he slowly pulled out his length pushing it back in a little faster this time but all I saw was passion no lust, just love. I pulled his face into mine causing us to begin a heated make out session as he thrust faster and faster into me…
" S-Sammy" I moaned
" Babe call me Daddy" He said softly in my ear sending shivers down my back 
" D-Daddy I-I’m g-gonna-" 
" Do it, come for Daddy" He said his voice raspier than it was prior pushing me over the edge as I clenched around his dick letting myself go. I become sensitive after I release so Sammy went gently as he looked into my eyes reaching his high and finishing up with a few last full blown thrusts then passing out on the bed beside me. Both of us were panting as he pulled the covers from under us wrapping it around my fragile, cold body. He wrapped his warm, protective arms around me, pulling me into his bare chest
" You aren’t going to leave" I asked quietly
" No princess you’re mine now, get some rest" He said as my eye lids started closing
" I love you so much Sammy" I said kissing his forearm which was wrapped around me
" I love you more I hope I lived up to your expectation" He said laughing a bit 
" You exceeded them, daddy" I said smirking into the pillow
" Stop making me want you I’m tired" He said kissing my temple as we fell asleep…

Guys…it’s my first smut hope it’s okay let me know if you want more or if you have any requests in general! 

Ok so just imagine you and Cameron lazing around his apartment all day while Nash is in North Carolina visiting his family and y’all get into a wrestling match over the remote and y’all fall off the couch and keep wrestling and you finally win by pinning Cam’s wrists down to the floor with your hands and Cam just laughs and says, “Ok babe! You win!” “Well then what’s my prize?” And when Cam hears you say that, his mind immediately goes dark and he tells you, “Do whatever you want with me. I’m at your mercy—Master.” And you feel your core beginning to soak through your panties as you devise a plan in your head and you finally stand to your feet over Cameron’s sprawled out figure and you slowly take off your t-shirt so that you’re left only in your panties and Cam bites back a low groan in the back of his throat and you smirk at that and you decide to finally take off your soaked panties as well because you’re impatient as fuck and you throw them in the floor next to your—Cam’s—shirt and you drop to you knees until your core is lined up with Cam’s mouth and you say, “Here are the rules. Eat me out until you’ve made me cum three times. And your body is not allowed to touch me except for your tongue. Understood?” “Yes Master.” And DAMN he would teasingly lick you constantly until you’ve cum the first time then he would be a little rougher the second time and then the third time he would just kick every now and then before gradually speeding up and after you’ve shuddered out your third orgasm, Cam would slide out from under you, stand to his feet, pick you up, and carry you back to his room and he would just let you rest and sleep from how fucked out you are.

I need Jesus. That is all.

Is This How it Ends? -A Cameron Dallas Imagine


Hey guys! Here’s part 2 (-: Hope you guys enjoy!!! (*:

It’s been two months since Cameron left. He believed the rumors. I finally decided to go out. I can’t be in my room forever, right? I feel good. I feel different. Cameron gave this confidence in myself. Anyway, This shouldn’t be a day where…

Life is so hard when your best friend is a 9.5/10 and you’re a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting

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when you and your friend pull off a sick burn


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